Who are we?

A Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India) based Startup Company founded in 2023 by people with more than 20 years Experience in Telecom and Software Industries.

Our High Quality Approach has earned a lot of recognition in the places our people have worked which gave us great push to start a company with our own Ideas...!

All clients cannot tell clearly what they want and what features they want in the application they want. It is the responsibility of the software people to probe the clients with enough questions to pull out their thinking process. We have enough experience in seeing a good happiness in clients' face after our requirement discussion.

We are there for that !

K. Adithyan

Founder & CTO

Our Technology head has totally 22+ years of Experience in Telecom & Software Industry verticals. Over 16 years of Experience in Software Industry in Product/Services Development.

Strong Experience in Design and Developing Customized Applications, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Enterprise Class Application Frameworks, Platforms Expertise in Software Technology Consulting, and Team Building for Software Development

Over 6+ years of Experience in Telecom Transport Network Operations.




Software Projects


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Hard Workers

Technologies for Softwares

We choose one or more of the below technologies for your Software Projects and our own Products

JavaBackend Application Development
FlutterMobile Apps | Web Apps
LinuxOS for Application Runtime
mysql, mariadbDatabases
HTML, Javascript, CSS Web Design